6. Enable the 'Make Image Bootable' option.
Set the 'Emulation Type' to 'None (Custom)'.
Point the 'Boot Image' to the '' file within the 'boot' folder in your source folder - i.e. "T:\VISTA_INSTALL\boot\"

Enter 'Microsoft Corporation' in the 'Developer ID' field.
Enter '07C0' in the 'Load Segment' field.

Enter '4' in the 'Sectors To Load' field if your file is 2K in size, enter '8' if it's 4K. (Basically it's the size of the file in bytes divided by 512 - i.e. 2048 / 512 = 4)

Note: Vista's is normally 2KB and Windows 7's is 4KB... so enter '4' if you're building a Vista OS installation disc and '8' if you're building a Windows 7 OS installation disc.